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Dark sun online is a free multiplayer online role playing game that focuses on player vs player and guild vs guild action in the harsh desert world of athas. If you are looking for a truly addicting online gaming experience stop by and try your luck, only the strongest and bravest warriors, rogues, wizards and clerics survive this harsh world.

Rules of Conduct

Non-PvP zones are few and far between in DSO. They are there for a reason and should grant absolute safety.
Attacking someone in one of these zones or even leading monsters into these zones in hopes that they will attack players who are there will not be tolerated.

The following things not allowed:

1. Swearing over shout.
2. Excessive shouting, especially out of character.
3. Fighting AT ALL in safe zones. This includes intentionally bringing monsters in, and the bug where you can continue fighting someone who runs into a safe zone.
4. Excessive PKing of the same person if they are not guilded AND do not wish to fight.
5. Claiming that you or someone else who is not a DM is one.
6. Intentional trapping of zonelines.
7. Use of any cheat that we can not fix due to bioware's bad programming.
8. Hacking.
9. Abusing any bug or exploit that has not been reported.



Watch the Intro and see what all the fuss is about. Click "Watch Intro" to see movie in new window.